The JOALI BEING Resort Maldives is an elegant and sophisticated resort that offers an ideal destination for families with kids. Located in the island of Adi Dheva, the resort features a unique design and a wide variety of recreational activities. Guests can enjoy a range of amenities and activities, including a spa, restaurant, and turtle conservation sanctuaries.

Four pillars of wellbeing

Joali Being is the region’s first nature-immersive wellbeing island retreat. Guests will enjoy an exclusive Maldives experience combining the healing power of nature with bespoke wellness and transformative programming. This wellness retreat is located on Bodufushi Island in the Raa Atoll. It’s only a 40-minute seaplane ride from Male International Airport.

The resort’s signature immersion programmes are customisable and focused on achieving balance between the four pillars of wellbeing. They include a focus on skin, energy, mind and digestive rebalance. Each program begins with an Integrative Health Assessment. Once the guest has a deep understanding of their goals, the programme is tailored to achieve them.

Joali’s signature Immersion Programmes range from five nights to three weeks. During this time, guests will undertake a number of experiential and educational workshops. Additionally, they will engage in alternative healing and diagnostic services.

JOALI’S food offerings follow the earth-to-table concept. Menus are curated by nutritionists and local producers, which ensure traceability. Guests can also indulge in a customized menu recommendation from the resort’s wellness team.

Joali’s interiors are designed by Oxford University professor Gerry Bodeker. These contemporary interiors are based on biophilic design principles. Their flowing lines and use of natural materials are meant to replicate the essence of the Indian Ocean. Every villa has private pools and customised minibar setups.

Joali’s wellness programme will include an emphasis on mental clarity, digestive rebalance and restorative sleep. Guests will also learn about the healing properties of herbs in the Aktar herbology centre. Throughout the program, guests will attend workshops to make natural products.

Guests will also be able to take part in a series of classes and workshops at the resort’s Learning Centre. There, they can participate in a range of classes led by chefs, herbalists and wellbeing experts.

The Joali Being Wellness Program draws from long-held traditions and modern science. Designed by Professor Gerry Bodeker of Oxford University, the wellness programme was developed to provide a new path to wellbeing.

Areka, the wellbeing centre, will feature 39 treatment venues. Guests can experience a range of alternative healing treatments including sound therapy, Russian banya and scientific therapies. In addition, the resort will offer extensive fitness facilities.


Restaurants at JOALI BEING Resort Maldives offer gourmet cuisine. The culinary experience of this resort is centered around a holistic approach that highlights locally-sourced ingredients. These dishes are crafted with the assistance of nutritionists. In addition to traditional dietary preferences, the resort’s offerings will also accommodate vegetarian and vegan guests.

Guests can enjoy an in-room library or a selection of books. Joali’s villas also feature thoughtful design and artisanal amenities. Some rooms even include a private nanny room. Other features at this resort include a fitness center and a tennis court.

Joali’s culinary program supports local small-scale farmers by purchasing their products. They use natural ingredients, herbs, and spices to prepare meals. As part of their commitment to sustainability, JOALI also partners with the Reef Restoration Project to help rebuild the lagoon’s reefs.

Aside from a range of scrumptious food options, guests can choose from three restaurants. There is also a coffee shop on site. Additionally, guests can choose to participate in a cooking class at Her Kitchen, a gourmet kitchen and culinary learning center.

The Flow restaurant is an open-plan dining space with a breezy, airy vibe. It is a great place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This eatery serves a variety of foods, including fresh fruit, juices, and salads.

Guests can choose from a variety of sushi and sashimi dishes. Su serves a menu of dishes from China and the Levant. During lunch, guests can also enjoy special tours of the resort’s coral nursery, which is the first of its kind in the Maldives.

JOALI Maldives has received multiple accolades for its sustainability efforts. The resort has received Maldives President’s Tourism Gold Awards for Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Guests at the resort can also enjoy massages, a yoga room, and a tennis court. There is also a playground. All of the facilities at JOALI Maldives are highly rated for service, food, and cleanliness.

In addition to a wide selection of dining venues, JOALI Maldives is a popular choice among families. With its proximity to some of the best beaches, shopping, and attractions, the resort is a great option for anyone traveling to the Maldives.


The JOALI BEING Resort Maldives is an eco-luxury wellness retreat that focuses on wellbeing programming and sustainable travel. Located on Muravandhoo island in the northern part of the Maldives, it offers a full suite of spa treatments, yoga classes and workouts. It also features a wellness center and coral nursery.

Joali’s wellness programs focus on the Four Pillars of Wellbeing: mind, body, spirit and environment. They encourage guests to connect to the natural world and reconnect with their partners. Each programme is tailored to individual wellness needs, and guests can participate in up to 28 days. These programmes will help with sleep, digestive complications and hormonal issues.

The resort specializes in natural body care and herbal remedies, which are created in a “herbology” centre. This center uses spices, essential oils, herbs and medicinal plants to provide a holistic experience. There are workshops that teach guests about the benefits of herbal teas and how to make natural products.

The spa at JOALI BEING is a luxurious and relaxing place to unwind. It features expansive views of the ocean. A hydrotherapy room with a hammam is available. In addition to spa treatments, the resort offers a fitness centre.

For culinary lovers, there’s a strong program dedicated to local, organic produce. The resort has a biological wastewater treatment plant and desalinating water bottling plant.

The JOALI BEING resort also partners with the Reef Restoration Project. The resort has trained a marine biologist who can take guests to explore nearby sandbanks.

Guests can choose from eleven categories of accommodations. They can stay in one of the villas on the beach or in a four-bedroom overwater villa. The villas are meant to be an extension of the Indian Ocean.

Guests can participate in fitness and yoga classes, cooking classes and meditation. Joali Being also offers in-depth immersion programs and healing experiences. Guests can participate in yoga, meditation, sound-healing paths and elemental therapies.

One of the most interesting aspects of the JOALI Being resort is the way it is built. This eco-luxury wellness resort is the first in the region to incorporate biophilic design principles. As a result, it will eliminate negative vibrations and enhance the energy flow of the island.

Turtle conservation sanctuaries

Joali Being Resort Maldives offers guests an experience that is both unique and eco-friendly. The resort’s design is inspired by the biophilic design philosophy, which aims to enhance energy flow and eliminate negative vibrations. It is also one of only three turtle conservation sanctuaries in the Maldives.

As part of the resort’s long-term sustainability efforts, JOALI BEING is partnering with the Reef Restoration Project. They also run their own coral nursery, which helps to grow and transplant coral back onto the reef.

In addition, the resort is collaborating with the Olive Ridley Project, which is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured sea turtles. Guests can also suggest names for the turtles that live on the nearby reefs.

A unique aspect of the resort is its marine biologist, who will take guests to nearby sandbanks. During this experience, guests can learn how to identify different species of sea creatures, as well as understand the interconnection between the human mind and the environment.

The resort also offers a variety of wellness activities, such as yoga and pilates. There are also health consultations and nutrition programs.

JOALI BEING Resort Maldives is a sustainable, eco-friendly island that promotes thoughtful living. It was designed with the fragility of the Maldivian ecosystem in mind. It is located on white sandy beaches with turquoise lagoons. It is only 40 minutes from Male International Airport by seaplane.

JOALI BEING is one of the first nature immersive wellness sanctuaries in the Maldives. It offers 68 villas, including two- and three-bedroom accommodations, as well as a variety of custom wellness programmes. For those seeking a truly personalised wellbeing experience, JOALI BEING’s Four Pillars are a platform for self-discovery and renewal.

To help preserve the natural landscape of the island, Joali Being is also committed to supporting small-scale Maldivian fishermen. It has a rainwater recycling system, a plant-waste shredder, and a biological wastewater treatment plant.

The resort’s menus are a combination of locally-sourced produce, as well as foods that help support the microbiome. They are also predominantly alcohol-free. JOALI BEING offers customized wellness programs, including meditation tools and energy-balancing massages.

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