Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi Resort Maldives is one of the most luxurious and beautiful resorts in the Maldives. This resort is located on a small island that is surrounded by the ocean and has amazing views of the coastline. It has a lot to offer guests who are looking for something to do when they are in the area. Guests can try out the Willow Stream Spa, enjoy the Laidback and Active lifestyle, and take advantage of the various dining options.

Dining options

There are a number of dining options at Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi Resort Maldives. You’ll find traditional local cuisine, international fusion, and Asian dishes. The resort also features an over-water dining experience, a Japanese restaurant, and a seafood bar. For more adventurous travelers, there are also water activities, including snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing.

There’s also a tented jungle villa in addition to traditional accommodations. These accommodations are perched over the Indian Ocean and have striking tropical jungle views. Some rooms offer private pools and Jacuzzis.

If you prefer something a bit more casual, there are two other restaurants at Fairmont, including Kata, which offers a Japanese-inspired menu, and Raha, which serves Maldivian dishes and sushi. In January, the resort will welcome Alfredo Russo, a celebrity chef in Italy.

If you don’t want to venture too far, you can try the resort’s beachfront restaurant, Onu Onu. Located in a private spot on the beach, this eatery offers poolside meals, as well as cocktails and tapas. Its menu includes local seafood such as fresh dill-flavored salmon and warm new potatoes.

As for dining in the resort’s a la carte restaurant, you’ll find three Michelin-starred chefs. One of them is Finland-born Mickael Viljanen. His cooking is inspired by traditional Finnish and Irish cuisine. Previously, he worked in France, but moved to Ireland in 2000.

Aside from fine dining, Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi also offers a spa and a fitness center. The facilities include a Turkish steam bath and a kids’ activities program. The hotel also features a tennis court and a swimming pool. Guests can also book jet skis to explore the area.

With so many dining and recreational options, you’ll be sure to find your favorite. Whether you want to try the signature Easter brunch, have a relaxing massage, or go for a run in the morning, you can always count on Fairmont for the ultimate vacation.

To make the most of your vacation, it’s a good idea to schedule reservations before you arrive. You can also take advantage of a host of other amenities, from concierge services to airport transfer.

Coralarium structure

Coralarium is a marine art installation designed to promote awareness of the threat to coral reefs. The installation was created by British eco-artist Jason deCaires Taylor. His sculptures are designed to mimic coral colonies. These sculptures are made with non-toxic materials and marine-grade compounds.

The sculptures are set in different locations on the cube-shaped structure, including on the roof and on plinths. In total, there are thirty life-sized sculptures. They are inspired by the natural beauty of the Maldives coral reefs.

The installation is also a platform to raise awareness about the consequences of climate change. Rising sea levels have been threatening coral reefs. While this is a problem for all coral reefs, it is particularly a concern for Maldivian coral reefs.

The Coralarium structure is built using non-toxic, marine-grade compounds, such as ceramic starfish. Guests are able to explore the Coralarium structure through small group tours led by resident marine biologists.

The installation is open to snorkelers and free divers. It is a short swim from shore. At night, the Coralarium features submerged lights that illuminate the space. The tessellated sculptures serve as a visual link between the underwater world and land.

Coralarium is the first of its kind in the Maldives. The goal is to encourage a long-term coral regeneration program. This will be achieved through the use of marine-grade compounds, which will stimulate the growth of corals. By encouraging the larvae of corals to attach, the Coralarium will become a home for the local marine life.

Guests can participate in the propagation of the Coralarium by participating in snorkling tours and reef restoration activities. The Coralarium is also a site for the display of artworks from various cultures.

Fairmont Maldives has a dedicated Sustainability Lab, which was officially opened by the Maldivian Minister of Environment, Aminath Shauna. Fairmont Maldives is committed to reducing waste and protecting biodiversity in the Maldives. They are also on a zero-waste mission, which includes recycling and removing ocean plastic.

There are plans to replace some of the sculptures. For now, there are 14 native Maldivians on the plinths.

Willow Stream Spa

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts has opened Sirru Fen Fushi, a new luxury resort in the Maldives. Set on a 40-acre private island, the resort offers villas and over-water villas. These unique villas feature one, two or three bedrooms, offering comfortable accommodations for families or larger groups.

For those seeking the ultimate private getaway, the resort provides a choice of glamping accommodations on a secluded beachfront, a luxury villa or a tented jungle villa. A personal villa host is available 24 hours a day. There are bicycles to help guests explore the island.

The spa offers a plethora of treatments and rituals. Willow Stream Spa is known for its spacious, relaxing environment, using natural elements and local herbs. Its treatment rooms feature sliding doors that invite fresh sea air into the room. Guests are encouraged to take a peaceful guided meditation to help them maintain their relaxed state.

Wellness Stream Spa features an array of therapies, as well as art classes and a kids club. Additionally, the Spa hosts a number of signature treatments inspired by the indigenous Maldivian culture. Those looking to experience more of the resort can book the Coconut Experience, which combines local food and wellness.

In addition, the resort features a pool that spans the length of the island, along with a secluded beach. Those seeking adventure can take advantage of the Professional Dive Centre’s catamaran sailing and dolphin cruises. Guests can also explore the 9-kilometer-long house reef.

While on the island, guests can visit the Sustainability Lab to learn how to recycle plastic waste into a variety of useful products. This project is designed to encourage the resort’s guests to get involved in the community. They can also find special experiences hidden in bottles around the property.

Willow Stream Spa is located in a lush 2000 square metre spa garden. With its hand-carved wooden doors and open air design, the spa draws natural elements into the room. The pool features varying water temperatures, aromatherapy scents and natural sounds.

To help guests unwind after a day of exploring, Willow Stream Spa offers a selection of signature expressions. One of these expressions is Empowering Me, A Woman’s Journey, which addresses emotional balance and stress relief.

Laidback and active lifestyle

Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi Resort Maldives is a luxury all-villa resort located on a private island in the northern Shaviyani Atoll. A 55-minute seaplane ride from Male, Sirru Fen is an idyllic island paradise. The resort is surrounded by powder white sand beaches and pristine waters.

With an eco-conscious approach, Fairmont is committed to improving local communities and ecosystems. For example, the resort’s Coralarium provides an artificial reef, which is home to thriving marine life. In addition, Fairmont at Sirru Fen Fushi offers educational snorkeling trips led by resident marine biologists.

Guests are invited to participate in Fairmont Fit, a fitness programme that provides tools for active travellers to enjoy a laidback and healthy vacation in paradise. Activities include group workout classes and yoga sessions alongside the infinity pool.

In addition, the resort hosts various activities including a tennis event, children’s club, beach volleyball and sunset dolphin tours. This all-villa resort is perfect for family and couples alike. Moreover, guests can enjoy free upgrades to the Water Sunrise Villas.

Sirru Fen Fushi is also home to an on-site art studio. An underwater art installation will be featured at the resort, which was designed by Jason deCaires Taylor. One of the most innovative features of the Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi is the Coralarium, which is designed to connect the worlds of land and sea.

Guests can also enjoy Fairmont’s other signature experiences, such as snorkeling and house reef diving. Located on a nine-kilometre house reef, the Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi reef is home to vibrant corals and rare close-up views of manta rays. Also on the reef, there is a manta ray cleaning station. During a trip to the reef, guests can learn about the ecosystem and the importance of conservation.

Guests can also experience the Fairmont at Sirru Fen Fushi’s rustic glamping experience. This unique accommodation is a blend of contemporary and rustic. The villas are situated on the beaches, and each is equipped with a private swimming pool.

For guests interested in exploring the surrounding area, Fairmont at Sirru Fen offers excursions to local villages. These excursions will provide an authentic taste of Maldivian way of life.

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